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Get the Latest Sea Conditions

BuoyWhale shows you the latest sea conditions anywhere in the world where NOAA has buoys. It shows you the current conditions and the trends, so you really know what's going on. Wind and wave alerts proactively notify you when buoy conditions change.

Download BuoyWhale for iPhone and iPad today.

BuoyWhale version 2 has been redesigned and optimized for both iPhone and iPad. Check the iTunes store for images of BuoyWhale running on the iPad.


Regional Perspective

Map View makes it quick and easy to get an overall perspective of wind speed and direction across a region.

Map View

Detailed Conditions Reports

Get the current conditions report, sun and moon rise/set times, as well as the trends for wind speed, gust speed and barometric pressure over the past 10 observations.

Buoy Conditions Details

Buoy Conditions Charts

Search, Sort, Filter

Prefer to check buoys from a list instead of a map? The All Buoys view is the place to do that.

All Buoys List

  • Get current wind speed and direction, location, and last update information.
  • Tap the right arrow to get detailed conditons.
  • Tap the Sort button to sort buoys by: Distance, Favorites, Last Update, or Station Name.

Search All Buoys

  • Quickly search and filter by buoy id or name.

Filter All Buoys By Favorite Buoys

  • View only your favorite buoys by tapping the Filter button.
  • The Filter setting also applies to map view. When active, only your favorite buoys will be displayed on the map as well.

Alert Updates

Set alerts for sustained wind speed, gust speed, and wave height on individual buoys so you always know whats going on even when BuoyWhale isn't open.

BuoyWhale Alerts

  • Tapping an alert loads BuoyWhale and centers the map on the alerting buoy.

Alerts Settings

  • Set buoy alerts from the buoy details view.

Manage All Alert Settings

  • Enable/Disable notifications for those times when you don't want to be alerted to buoy condition changes.
  • Easily view and manage all of your alerts from a single place.

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